Why Attend the Green Guyana International Small Business Expo and Summit?


The vision of Green Guyana 2018 is “to be a catalyst for the development of small businesses in Guyana so that they can become the engine of growth  and job creation for  the transformation of Guyana’s brown economy along a low carbon and  resource efficient environmentally responsible path towards a Green Economy”.


The Mission of the Guyana Green 2018 is “To promote the growth and importance of small businesses in Guyana so that a stronger more resilient and diversified economy is sustained. Hence, activities are geared towards:

  1. Attracting new business & industry to Guyana.
  2. Assisting existing businesses with growth and expansion plans,
  3. Creating a business environment conducive to entrepreneurship and sustainability.


Guyana has been blessed with an overabundance of “Jewels”. Guyana is a “land of many waters” including the majestic Kaieteur Falls and is the second richest county in the world with fresh water. Guyana has breath-taking flora and fauna beyond belief. Guyana is a birdwatcher’s paradise with over 800 birds. It has the mighty Jaguar, the noble Eagle and the resplendent plumage of the Macaw. Guyana has 18 million hectares of pristine forests, part of the “Lungs of the Earth”. The country has one of the highest forests covering in the world. Guyana is the “Kingdom of Nature and the Land of Enchantment” .Yet, our greatest wealth lies in our people and our diverse cultures: Amerindian, African, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, Mixed and European. Within this Canopy of Wealth, Guyana’s greatest Jewels are its Youth and People.. Guyana is also a central part of the Guiana Shield along with Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. The Shield is one of the richest regions of biodiversity in the world. History is repeating itself as Guyana seeks to again become a Green State, even amidst its enormous mineral wealth of oil, gold (the famous Eldorado), diamonds, manganese, and other ores.

Benefits of Attending

This Green Guyana International Small Business Expo and Summit will offer invaluable insights into Guyana’s Green State Development Strategy (GSDS) and the massive opportunities which will present themselves to small businesses, technology providers and investors. The event will also highlight how citizens of Guyana can live green lives by incorporating energy efficient appliances and simple behavior changes. Attendees will be able to have exclusive networking opportunities with a wide range of businesses. Critical workshops, seminars and presentations from top industry experts will underpin the many opportunities to find strategic partners, importers and exporters. Whether you are in a start-up phase or a well-established and successful small business, the Small Business Summit will provide you with a transformational experience to help you stay ahead of the competition. If you are seeking to drive your business forward and take the next steps to success, join us for this unique event.