Green Guyana International Small Business Expo and Summit

Sustainable Economic Growth Through Small Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Transformative Government Policies

October 18th - 20th, 2018, Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel and Providence Stadium - Gates Open at 2:00pm

Annual Green Guyana Expo

Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit at Guyana’s first Green Economy International Small Business Expo and Summit. This is a business-to-business Expo, Summit and networking event. It will help small business owners, start-ups and budding entrepreneurs like you to take your business to the next level.

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Green Guyana Expo

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Conference Schedule

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09:00 - 10:00 hrs
Eric Phillips

Opening Session – “Sustainable Economic growth through Small Business innovation Entrepreneurship and transformative Government policies”

  • Mrs. Ndibi Schwiers - Head, Department of the Environment
  • Hon. Carl Greenidge - Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Hon. Dominic Gaskin - Minister of Business
  • Hon. Winston Jordan - Minister of Finance
  • Mr. Leo Heileman - Director of Latin America and the Caribbean, UNEP
  • Ms. Sophie Makonnen - Country Representative, IDB
  • Dr. Suresh Narine - Chairman, CGX Inc., Chairman IAST, Guyana
10:15 - 11:45 hrs
Ambassador Rawle Lucas

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“The Green State Development Strategy: Vision 2040”

  • Ndibi Schwiers
  • Adriana Zacarais
  • Mrs. Ndibi Schwiers - Head, Department of the Environment, Ministry of the Presidency
  • Ms. Deirdre Shurland - Project Manager, GSDS Coordination Office, UNEP
  • Ms. Adriana Zacarias Farah - Regional Coordinator, Resource Efficiency, UNEP
  • Mr. Ramesh Dookhoo - President of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce, Private Sector Commission
13:00 - 14:30 hrs
Dr. Devon Gardner

Programme Manager, CARICOM

Green Energy Panel – “Big Ideas for a Sustainable Energy Future in Guyana”

  • Dr. Mahender Sharma
  • Dr. Mahender Sharma - Ministry of Public Infrastructure
  • Dr. Hermann Tribukait - Founding Partner of Arminius Partners
  • Ms. Meshia Clarke - Executive Director Barbados Renewable Energy Agency
  • Mr. Martin Carto - Alternate Energy Manager, Farfan & Mendes Limited
  • Mr. Albert Gordon - CEO, Guyana Power Limited
17:00 hrsNational Stadium


  • H.E David Granger - President of Guyana
  • Hon. Dominic Gaskin - Minister of Business
  • Ambassador - UN Country Representative
  • Dr. Suresh Narine - Chairman, CGX Inc.
09:00 - 10:30 hrs
Dr. Maxine Parris-Aaron

Agricultural Health Specialist , IICA

GREEN AGRICULTURE – “Shaping Agriculture for a Green Economy”

  • Ms. Joann David
Opening remarks
  • Hon. Noel Holder - Minister of Agriculture.
  • Prof. Subramanian Gomathinayagam - Director, University of Guyana, Berbice Campus
  • Dr. Mahendra Persaud - Chief Scientist/Plant Breeder, GRDB
  • David Aparisio - Owner, Sabina Farms, VP Guyana Non-Traditional Agriculture Exporters Association
  • Dr. Arlington Chesney - Special Advisor to IICA Director General
  • Dr. Lystra Fletcher-Paul - Sub-regional Coordinator, FAO
10:45 - 12:15 hrs
Mr. Ramesh Dookie

Guyana Manufacturers & Services Association

GREEN MANUFACTURING – “Green Manufacturing: the Key to Sustainability”

  • Mr. Eric Phillips - Chairman, Green Guyana Expo and Summit
Opening Remarks:
  • Hon. Dominic Gaskin - Minister of Business
  • Dr. Suresh Narine - Executive Director, Institute of Applied Science, Ministry of the Presidency
  • Dr. Carlos Scheel-Mayenburger - Professor Emeritus, Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico
  • Dr. Leonardo Pineda Serna - Economist, Directorate of Research and Innovation
  • Mr. Andrew Boyle - President, Eureka Inc.
  • Mr. Rawle Small - Consultant, International Labour Organization
13:15 - 14:45 hrs
Hon. Sydney Allicock

Vice President and Minister of Indigenous Affairs

GREEN LIVING – “Think Green, Act green, Manufacture green, Buy Green, Live Green”

  • Dr. Leyland Lucas
  • Mr. Eric Phillips
  • Dr. Paulette Bynoe - Scientist, University of Guyana
  • Ms. Joanna Edghill - CEO, Megapower Limited, Barbados
  • John and Thea Patterson - Abbey Gardens, Canada
  • Dr. Terrence Blackman - Dean, Medgar Evers College, USA
  • Janelle Christian - Head, Office of Climate Change, Guyana
Video Presentation - Aruba SMART City, TNO Aruba
15:00hrs - 16:45 hrs
Hon. Winston Jordan

Minister of Finance

“Sustainable green growth through strategic transformative financing”

  • Dr. Hector Butts
  • Mr. Eric Phillips
  • Mr. Olympus Mohlatlego - Development Bank of South Africa
  • Mr. Charlie Dixon - Senior Economist, Vivid Economics, UK
  • Mr. Pravichandra Dave - CEO, Demerara Bank
  • Mr. David Staples - CEO, Williams Capital, Barbados

Closing Remarks

Keynote Speakers

Well known industry leaders and emerging talents

Hon. Carl Greenidge
Hon. Dominic Gaskin
Hon. Sydney Allicock
Hon. Joseph Harmon
Hon. Noel Holder
Hon. Winston Jordan
Hon. David Patterson
Adriana Zaracias Farah
Aiesha Williams
Ambassador Rawle Lucas
David M. Staples
Dr. Andrew Boyle
Dr. Arlington Chesney
Dr. Carlos Scheel-Mayenberger
Dr. Devon Gardner
Dr. Fernando J. Diaz Lopez


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